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To deliver the highest quality welfare services to people of multi cultural background and to strive to be responsive to the needs of the Indonesian community with professionalism and efficiency.
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The idea of having an Indonesian service was first initiated by a few women concerned about the circumstances faced by the Indonesian community in Sydney as there were no ethno-specific Indonesian services to cater for their needs.

In order to combat this problem, on the 11th March 1997, the Indonesian Welfare Association (IWA) was established.
The Indonesian Welfare Association was created for the Indonesian community in order to provide welfare services to those whose first language is Indonesian and to provide a center for them to express their hardships.

In the beginning, IWA used Burwood Community Welfare Services as its consultation base office and the volunteers’ own houses for administrative purposes. The service was initially staffed by volunteers to provide information, counseling and referral.

With the decline of the economy and politics in Indonesia during 1998, there was an increase in the number of migrants from Indonesia. With new arrivals came new problems and issues. As a result, there were significant demands by those new arrivals to use the services of IWA.

Then, in September 1999, IWA was acknowledged and granted funding from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) under Settlement Grants Program – SGP (formerly known as Community Settlement Services Scheme – CSSS).

In 2007, IWA received another important funding  from Department of Health and Ageing, under Community Partners Program (CPP) to assist older people from Indonesian community to be able to access quality aged care services.

Moreover, IWA has also received and managed several grants from other funding agencies. For example: NSW Office of Fair Trading, Community Relation Commission (CRC), NSW Ministry for the Arts, Canterbury Council, City of Sydney Council, etc.

During this time, IWA has provided important services to assist Indonesian speaking community in dealing with their problems.

Our Story

Indonesian Welfare Association (IWA) is a not-for-profit community based organisation.
The Association has no political or religious affiliation.

IWA is run and managed by a Management Committee who is responsible for the overall administration, financing, staffing and policy decisions for the Association.

Since its establishment, IWA offers a wide range of services and support not only for newly arrived Indonesian-speaking migrants but also to the broader members of the Indonesian community in Sydney metropolitan area.

IWA responds to the growing welfare needs of the Indonesian community in Sydney -Australia by providing services that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.



The Indonesian Welfare Association was founded with heartfelt conviction, with the aim of helping Indonesian people in Sydney to lighten the load of their anguish, by providing important facilities and services that make life worth living.

The values of ~ love, care, respect, justice, honesty and openness ~ form the basis of our growth as people and our involvement in society.

We are convinced that no matter how small our involvement or assistance, it will have the highest value for those who are in need of it.


To deliver the highest quality welfare services to people of Indonesian speaking background and to strive to be responsive to the needs of the Indonesian community with professionalism and efficiency.


  • To provide social services to the Indonesian community in Sydney
  • To assist and encourage the integration and settlement of Indonesian people into the Australian community
  • To encourage projects and activities that will promote cooperation, good working relationships and harmony with other organizations and the wider communities
  • To assist mainstream service providers to address gaps in service provision
  • To encourage and facilitate the formation of support groups for the Indonesian community, e.g.: Women, Elderly, Family Support groups
  • To promote the recognition of and respect for the contribution of the Indonesian speaking community to the wider Australian society
  • To foster and promote Indonesian language, art, dance, music and other activities consistent with Indonesian culture and custom
  • To promote voluntarism and community caring
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